Here is what our partners and customers have to say about Johnson Golden Harvest:

(Ginny D)  June 26, 2016  Bought a few things at the store yesterday and the strawberries are to die for!

(Tricia L)  June 26, 2016  We picked up some things yesterday including strawberries and zucchini…DELICIOUS! 

(Gail H)  June 10, 2016  We had our first strawberry shortcake a couple of days ago.  There’s nothing like strawberries that drip when you cut into them!

(Barbara ML)  June 7, 2016  Great place.  Loved the fiddleheads this Spring!!

(Ernesto P)  April 17, 2016  I met Brian and Karen today because I saw a sign advertising honey, and all local grown .  I had a great conversation and a great feeling from both if the owners.  I found the the prices well above reasonable.  I have found my honey supplier as I use local honey on an annual basis due to allergies.  I can’t wait to share with friends, family and clients!!

(Jason B)  March 12, 2016  I have finally found what I have been searching for! This farmers market is amazing! The family who runs it are the nicest people! Quality organic goods will be found here !!!

(Andrea H)  February 11, 2016 Wow the millet & sweet brown rice bread is about the best GF (or regular) bread that I’ve ever had, yum!

 (Heather C)  January 30, 2016  Loved my visit today! Raw milk was super yummy… Steak and kielbasa were good to!! Cant wait to try the chicken next !!! Soooo glad I found this place! It’s for sure worth the 20 min drive!!

(Margaret N)  November 4, 2015  I will be there with my EBT card. You are one of the few local shops that do except it. Thank you very much.

(Rick B)  November 4, 2015  This is the best local fresh food store. The owners well you won’t find better folks!!

(Luke K)  October 19, 2015  Great Place!

(Carolyn C) October 7, 2015  You were right on with the Delicata Squash, Brian! I roasted it with onion, olive oil, fresh sage, salt and pepper. It was amazing! Thanks!!!The salmon I picked up yesterday is amazing!!! Beautiful! Quite a large amount, absolutely fresh, lovely… Thanks again for providing the high quality product that you do!

(Sandi C)  September 2, 2015  Best corn ever.

(Diane N)  September 4, 2015   The salmon I picked up yesterday is amazing!!! Beautiful! Quite a large amount, absolutely fresh, lovely… Thanks again for providing the high quality product that you do!

(Jennifer M)  August 5, 2015  I love this farm stand!  Great organically grown produce, local and minimally processed meats (minus the antibiotics!) and lots of great food items from pure honey to specialty spices and even healthy pet treats!  I would definitely recommend a trip…Brian and Karen are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to good for-you food!

(Jennifer S)  August 4, 2015  Owners are wonderful.  There’s always a good variety and if they don’t have it ask, and they might be able to order it for you.  We love the gluten-free options in addition to the yummy veggies and local meats.

(Jessica S) August 3, 2015  The selection is great, the food is delicious, the prices are good and the owners are so, so nice every time I go in!  It’s wonderful to go to a “store” and support so many local businesses all at once.

(Rick B) July 19, 2015  Your stand is truly a must stop!

(Diane C) July 19, 2015   My husband stopped in to get some corn today…it is beyond delicious!  Thank you, Johnson’s!

(Monica C) July 14, 2015  Johnson Golden Harvest is my “go to” place for local produce and products.  After coming here for years, the owners are now great friends as well.  They know what I usually buy and when things come in that I may be looking for, they will even contact me to let me know.  If you want a place with down home friendliness and service, Johnson Golden Harvest is where you want to be!  So very happy that they are close to where I live so I can visit often.

(Heather W-W)  June 20, 2015  Stopped by for the first time today, and will definitely be back! VERY impressed with the quality selection of local products.

(Robin B)  June 6, 2015  Weekend Power Food!  Thank You!  

(Julie P)  November 15, 2014  Love my veggies!  Karen and Brian Johnson, I love you guys and Johnson Golden Harvest!

(Rick B)  September 29, 2014  Best fresh veggies around!!

(Rodney L)  August 2, 2014  They have the best veggies and their Bison is the Best I have EVER HAD!  THE OWNERS ARE THE NICEST PEOPLE EVER!! 

(Toni S)  August 1, 2014  I love this place!

(Teresa G)  August 1, 2014  You should check out my friends the Johnson’s Farm Store in Hooksett.  Great stuff fresh from the area farms.

(Nolibeth D)  August 1, 2014  We love that place!  On the way home from work, Dave usually passes by there to buy some stuff!  We buy their eggs, some fruit and veggies & they have yummy baked goods & we get their organic sweet potato dog treats too!  We bought a free-ranged turkey from them last Thanksgiving!  Best turkey we’ve ever had!

(Audrey F)  August 1, 2014  Just went there on Tuesday!  Corn, tomato, green beans, cukes and a delicious apple raspberry pie!  Love that farm stand!

(Lisa D)    July 2, 2014  Let’s just say amazing!!  Fresh, quality products with ‘commercial grocery store pricing’ is how I would describe this bit of heaven! The staff know exactly where everything comes from!  You can’t beat the freshness of the products either!  Friday is fresh milk day!!   

(Kristin M)  June 18, 2014  Yummy strawberries!  Had some today!

 (Mosaic Oatmeals) April 17, 2014  A cute little store on 3A in Hooksett -selling Mosaic Oatmeals and lots of other local foods, including chicken, lamb and pork. Once you shop here, you will keep coming back!

(Michelle T) We ate your eggs for breakfast this morning, just as I remember what eggs should really taste like (we used to own hens) Thank you!!

(Maureen P) Beautiful, Karen! Even more beautiful than when I first saw it, if that’s possible!

(Monica C) One of my favorite places to be – great produce and great friends!!

(Denise L) Picked up ‘comfort food ” fabulously delicious….THANK YOU…it was absolutely delicious. ENJOYED very much.

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