"Great variety, great owners, good location, gluten free bread, convenient hours, delicious and fresh produce, supporting local business!"
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Dairy & Cheese Products

Our mission is to help others to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing food from localfarms. We provide quality milk, cheeses and many other Made in NH food products!

Products We Often Carry

  • Assorted Goat Cheese
  • Butter (Vermont Cultured)
  • Cheese (Havarti with Dill)
  • Cheese (1 Year Aged Cheddar)
  • Cheese (2 Year Aged Cheddar)
  • Cheese (3 Year Aged Cheddar)
  • Cheese (5 Year Aged Cheddar)
  • Cheese (Baby Swiss)
  • Cheese (Blueberry Winsordale)
  • Cheese (Cranberry Winsordale)
  • Cheese (Curd Bites)
  • Cheese (Feta Cheese) (Regular, Herb)
  • Cheese (Gouda)
  • Cheese (Handmade Fresh Mozzarella)
  • Cheese (Jalapeno Cheddar)
  • Cheese (Smoked Extra Sharp Cheddar)
  • Cheese (Smoked Gouda)
  • Cheese (Smoked Habanero Cheddar)
  • Cheese (Smoked Horseradish Cheddar)
  • Cheese (Smoked Mozzarella Sticks)
  • Cheese (Tomato with Basil Cheddar)
  • Cheese (Tuscan with Italian Herbs)
  • Cream (Raw Heavy Cream)
  • Eggnog
  • Eggs (Pasture Free-Range)
  • Milk (Certified A2 Raw Guernsey Milk)
  • Milk (Chocolate)
  • Milk (Raw 1/2 Gallon)
  • Milk (Raw Milk Yogurt) (Plain, Maple, Vanilla)

Dairy & Cheese Sourced From:

Vermont Creamery, Swallow Ridge Farm, Grafton Village, Hatchland Farm, Vermont Farmstand, Maplebrook Farm, Fox Country Smoke House
The apple cinnamon buns we picked up here yesterday were delicious!