Charming farmers' market. Variety of local produce. Good array of pickles. Great place during harvest season.
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Local Meats

Our mission is to help others to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing locally grown and pasture raised meats. We provide quality grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, bison and pasture-raised chicken!

Products We Often Carry

  • Bacon
  • Bacon (Uncured)
  • Beef (Chuck Roast)
  • Beef (Ground)
  • Beef (Liver)
  • Beef (Rib Eye Steak)
  • Beef (Shank Bones)
  • Beef (Sirloin Roast)
  • Beef (Sirloin Steak)
  • Beef (Steak Tips)
  • Beef (Stew Meat)
  • Beef (Tenderloin Steak)
  • Bison (Ground)
  • Bison (Patties)
  • Bison (Snack Sticks)
  • Bison (Steak Tips)
  • Bison (Summer Sausage)
  • Chicken (Boneless Free-Range Skinless Breast)
  • Chicken (Boneless Free-Range Thighs)
  • Chicken (Free-Range Wings)
  • Chicken (Whole Free-Range)
  • Chicken Bones
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Elk (Medallions)
  • Elk (Patties)
  • Ham (Fresh)
  • Ham (Steaks Country Smoked)
  • Ham (Whole Bone-In Country Smoked)
  • Hot Dogs (Uncured)
  • Pork (Baby Back Ribs)
  • Pork (Boneless Chops)
  • Pork (Butt)
  • Pork (Ground Breakfast Sausage)
  • Pork (Ground)
  • Pork (Shoulder)
  • Pork (Spare Ribs)
  • Pork (Tenderloins)
  • Pork Kielbasa (Garlic, Maple, Original, Spicy)
  • Pulled Pork
  • Salami (Vermont)
  • Sausage (Chorizo Links)
  • Sausage (Maple Breakfast Links)
  • Sausage (Sweet Italian Links)
  • Turkey (Boneless Free-Range Breast)
  • Turkey (Free-Range Ground)
  • Turkey (Whole Free-Range)
  • Venison (Ground)

Local Meats Sourced From:

Fox Country Smoke House, Black River Meats, Montshire Farms, Yankee Farmers Market, Misty Knoll Farm, American Country Foods
Took a little drive there today, loved this farm stand. The strawberries were so good, and the blueberries and the peaches were also good. Will be going again