Summertime Corn Salad


4 ears of NH sweet corn (husked)

2 pounds of cherry tomatoes (halved)

1 small NH yellow squash (halved lengthwise and slice)

1 cup of NH blueberries

1 small red onion (halved and thinly sliced)

1/4 cup of olive oil

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

1 tablespoon of fresh mint (minced)

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of ground pepper



1. In a 6 quart stockpot, bring 8 cups of water to a boil.

2. Add corn and cook (uncovered), for about 4 minutes.

3. Remove corn and immediately drop it into ice water to cool. Drain the water.

4. Cut the corn from the cobs and put the corn in a bowl.

5. Add all the remaining ingredients and stir together.

6. Cover and refrigerate until cold.